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Wild and wonderful


What's the first thing you think of when you hear the words...West Virginia?

Could it be a strange looking barefooted character with a gun and a hounddog?

Or could it be an outhouse?

Or maybe it's....what's that thing over thar?

Hmmm....looky here at this feller. Do you s'pose that thing up thar belongs to him?

Would you believe a West Virginey drinkin' glass?

Speakin' of drinkin'.....

Did jeet? NO? Whall you go on 'n worsh up while I fix the vittles. Ya need ta eat afore you start yor West Virginey tour. We'll be eatin' beans, taters 'n cornbread. Whadya mean, ya don't understand me? I ain't speakin' a ferin langwage. I'm a speakin' HILLBONICS.
Now don'tcha go gittin' yor bowels in an uproar...this is all in fun. If'n you look at that thar map below, you can see whar we git this langwage from....

Here's jest a few words ya'll can larn...

Speak Like A Southern West Virginian
Poke.....A Bag or a Sack   

Ya know, even tho I growed up here in this state, I jest didn't know what a great place it really was until I did this here tour. So when we git back, I'm gonna list some other West Virginey sites you can go 'n visit and even larn some more Hillbonics ifen yore a mind to. Rat now I think it's time to move on.....The horses and wagons are ready. Ya kin park the Chevy in the barn. We're agoin' inta unexplored territory, and thar ain't even no roads for these fancy vehicles. Don't worry...we'll git'em later..Jest kiddin'..Come on, let's go.