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I would like to thank our wonderful, kind, considerate co-founders for being so PATIENT with me. I don't think they (or myself for that matter) thought I would ever finish this tour, but finally, here it is.

I've learned a lot about this state in which I was born. It has so much more to offer than I ever knew. I've taken the different areas and provided a map of that particular area so you can see where it's located in the state. Then I chose just a few spots of interest in that area to highlight.

West Virginia is divided into seven regions. They are the


which is located at the top of the state. This long slender region is bound on the west by the Ohio River and on the east by Pennsylvania. Wheeling was once called the Gateway to the West...and that gateway is still there. For over 150 years, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge has spanned the Ohio, and you can still walk or drive it's historic length.

In Moundsville all that glitters is gold so to speak. I'm talking about the lavishly decorated Palace of Gold that belongs to There's a lot to see and do in this region.


In this green and fertile valley you will learn of one of America's most romantic and tragic love stories. You can see glassblowers at work, and experience an appreciation for the beauty and wonder of, as well as every other part of West Virginia.


This area holds, as it's name suggests, West Virginia's largest cities, which include Huntington and the state capital, Charleston. You will find an aura of sophistication blended with "downhome" old fashioned hospitality. You can view the Metro Valley from a hot air balloon or ride the rails from the city that railroad magnate Collis P. Huntington built.


The riches of this region has always been its natural resources of coal, bubbling mineral springs, and powerful waterways that were natural transportation routes of the past.

Today those same rivers bring new adventures for travelers. Whitewater rafters by the thousands run the ancient, awesome New River, while rock climbers scale the walls of the deep gorge. Hikers, Bikers, and horseback riders explore new paths while anglers and hunters try their luck in the wild life management areas and state forests.


WATER is the main attraction of this area. It brings boaters, anglers, water skiers, scuba divers and swimmers in the summer. And in the fall, when water from Summersville is unleashed into the Gauley River, it sends whitewater rafters downriver for the ride of their life. It is rich in Civil War history, as are other area around the state.


With ridges rising to 4,000 feet, the Appalachians make West Virginia the "tallest state in the East", and most of these lofty peaks are in the Potomac Highlands region. Much of this area lies within the Monongahela National Forest. Trout-stocked rivers attract fly-casting fishermen. In summer, those same waterways are just right for canoe, kayaks, rafts and intertubes. In the fall, hunters hope to take home some quail, turkey or venison. Climb a mountain or listen to a champion fiddler doesn't cost much to enjoy the fresh mountain air, deep green forest and clean water. Just make sure you've got your camera ready.


This area sits between Maryland and Pennsylvania. It's very shape may cause you to question why it is even part of West Virginia. The answer explains a measure of the region's popularity.....the land that comprises Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson counties was the source and site of fierce struggles during the Civil War...THE WAR THAT GAVE BIRTH TO THE MOUNTAIN STATE. I think this is what draws people to this area.


If you're a football fan then you might know that this region borrows it's name from West Virginia University's beloved football team. Also, if you happen to be in Morgantown, (my hometown), during football season, there's no doubt that this college town supports and loves it's football team. Wherever you go, you will see the gold and blue colors of West Virginia University.

Besides football, this area also offers the aquatic recreation of whitewater rafting, fishing, boating, water skiing and swimming. As you take in the beauty of wild life and nature in this area, you will surely want to visit again.

I may be a bit predjudice, but I would highly recommend a visit to this state if you have never been there.

Having said that, now....ON WITH THE SHOW....(er, I mean, tour.)